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1 Chemistry 237: Introductory Biochemistry, Fall 2009 Introduction Welcome to CHEM 237: Introductory Biochemistry. Course description During this course we will discuss basic thermodynamics as it applies to biochemical reactions and metabolic processes, the properties of aqueous solutions including acids, bases and buffers. We will discuss nucleic acid structure. The majority of the course will focus on protein structure and function. Starting with the chemical properties of the 20 common amino acids and ending with enzyme mechanisms. Carbohydrate chemistry will be touché don briefly, as well as lipids and biological membranes. An effort will be made to maintain a medical/applied health sciences focus on the material. The material will be presented as lectures. Skeletal versions of the PowerPoint slides I use will be available to down load a day or two prior to class. Please download and read these before class. There will be 4 online assignments based on class material and assigned reading. There will be 2 written assignments as well. Course learning objectives The “bid picture” objective of this course is to develop a molecular level understanding of biological processes with an emphasis on medical applications. Develop an understanding of the importance of aqueous solutions in biochemical processes. Know the important helical structure of both DNA and RNA and the chemical basis for the formation of the structures. Learn to correlate protein sequences with both structure and function, based on the chemical properties of the amino acids. Learn how to analyze the kinetic properties using the Michaelis-Mentin Model of enzyme kinetics. Learn how to draw the organic mechanisms for representative enzyme catalyzed reactions.
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chem_237_syllabus - Chemistry 237 Introductory Biochemistry...

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