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17.1 Syllubus Spring-MQ2

17.1 Syllubus Spring-MQ2 - Attendance is required for all...

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Biology 17.1 Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory Section MQ2 Mondays From 2:15-5:55 PM, N2207 Instructor: Catherine McEntee, Ph.D. Email: [email protected] Grading will be based on the following components: Lab performance: 20% Laboratory project: 20% Midterm Examination: 30% (1 hour) Final Examination: 30% (1 hour) There are no make up exams - A ‘0’ grade will be assigned for the missed exam. Laboratory must be kept cleaned. No food or drinks are allowed in the laboratory. Cell-phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off during class. LABORATORY SCHEDULE: Feb. 1 Feb. 8 Feb. 18 Feb. 22 Mar. 1 Mar. 8 Mar. 15 Lab: 1 Lab: 2 Lab: 3 Lab: 4 Lab: 5 Lab: 6 Lab: 7 (Midterm: labs 1-6) Mar. 22 Apr. 12 Apr. 19 Apr. 26 May 3 May 10 May 17 Lab: 8 Lab: 9 Lab: 10 Lab: 11 Lab:12 Lab: 13 Lab: 14 (Final) Tardiness is unacceptable; you must arrive to the laboratory on time. Late arrival may disqualify you from laboratory activities and will cause you to receive an absence grade for the missed class.
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Unformatted text preview: Attendance is required for all 14 laboratory sessions. Absence from Laboratory Sessions: 1. There are no make up laboratory sessions. 2. If the reason for your absence is documented and is acceptable to the Department of Biology, you will not be penalized for the absence providing there is only one absence during the semester. 3. If you are absent from a laboratory session, you are responsible for all course material covered in the laboratory session. 4. If you miss a laboratory session without an approved excuse, the evaluation component of your course grade will be reduced by 10 points. 5. If you miss more than one laboratory session, your course grade is “F”. Required Materials Text Book: Essential Cell Biology , Alberts, B., Gray, D., Johnson, A., Lewis, J., Raff, M., Roberts, K., Walter, P. Garland Publishing. Laboratory Manual...
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