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Figure 1a – shows the first morphological change, there are 2 root hairs 1b shows:same as 1a, but it is a in scanning electron Any QWEEHHSTIONS???? Figure 2 shows 2 nd morphological change. No, really?! How tell it’s a protuberant tip? Have no data to tell. Have any Controls? 2c with greater detail and bacteria Figure 3 two root hairs where tips are in contact – (very erotic) 3 rd change upon infection. Bacteria leads to this contact. In root hair see both infection threads. 4b root hair with protuberant tip and infection thread (arrow points 2 it genius) Figure 5 root hair with infection thread. Remarkable is that the thread splits into 3. however many enter cells, can have more infections. 5b shows the enterance. The bar is 5micrometers – based on this the dimensions of the thread is approx 1.5 in diameter, while opening is 5. what is so freakin amazing about this? It can fit! Holy shit. The hypothesis is that multiple infection threads can enter. Why is it important to know how in
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