Thirteen Days - stuff In the movie kenndy was the chief of...

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Thirteen Days In the movie the Thirteen days its show historical event when the Cubin missile crises accrued. In 1962, a spy plane discovers that the Soviet Union is placing nuclear ballistic missiles in Cuba. President Kennedy and his cabinet had to figure out a way to prevent the nuclear missiles form taking out 80 million Americans, and destroy a large number of USAF bomber bases. The world for a moment was facing a nuclear war possibility. President Kennedy had to use his power as president to prevent the world to come to an end. In the thirteen days one of the things the president power he showed was being the chief of state. The chief of state is the symbol of the United States chief of our country. His role includes exercising the political powers, functions and duties granted to the head of state in the country's constitution and further legislation. Also the chief of state attends to awards ceremonial events and other related
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Unformatted text preview: stuff. In the movie kenndy was the chief of state when he went to the mayor event. At that point the movie also shows Kennedy being the chef administrator. The chief administrator runs executive agencies in the United States. For example like the president cabinet. It also insures the programs of the presidency are carried out by using the power of the administrator . The movie shows Kennedy talking with the cabinet about how to prevent a nuclear war. Next the movie then again show another role the president plays and it is the commander and chief .This is one of my favorite role the president plays that interested me. The commander in chief is the leader of the armed service. He is in charged o every little to big operations that the armed serves does. In the thirteen days, Kennedy scatters the air force and infantry....
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Thirteen Days - stuff In the movie kenndy was the chief of...

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