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2/28/10 1 Welcome to BSCI425 Feb. 24, 2010 Announcements Validity and reliability Please get out your name placards 22/02/10 1 BSCI425 2010 @ S. Benson Announcements Test on Thursday You can bring 1 4x6 index card, hand written, can use both sides, must be signed and turned in with the test Project 3 list Name placards Questions 22/02/10 BSCI425 2010 @ S. Benson 2 The mortality rate for a disease for people 65-69 in city A is 300/million , is city B it is 200/million. The statement the risk in city A for the disease is greater than city B is ___ Correct answer is 2, b/c the risk for other age groups could be significantly higher, w/o this information one can not make a conclusion, see change in statement two has been modified. 22/02/10 BSCI425 2010 @ S. Benson 3 1. Incorrect b/c of failure to distinguish prevalence and morality 2. Incorrect b/c of failure to adjust [account for ] for [ all ] age differences [groups] 3. Incorrect b/c of failure to distinguish between prevalence and incidence 4. Incorrect b/c rate is used where a proportion is required 5. Correct Validity and Reliability of Analytical Tests (Chapter 5) What is the difference between screening and diagnostic test? Provide an example of each. Think-Pair-Share 22/02/10 4 BSCI425 2010 @ S. Benson
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2/28/10 2 Screening Large scale use with healthy people Does not establish diagnosis, looks for risk factor Should not cause undue harm Look for high exposure to risk factor Types Mass
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2-24Lec-7-Rev +Validity-slides-pdf - 2/28/10 Welcome to...

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