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Unformatted text preview: YOUR NAME ________________________ Presenting Group _______________ Content (30%) (3 ­9 points) Good Marginal BSCI425 Sp. 2010 Poor Outstanding Material related to epidemiology; all points clearly made; provided new information to the class, was interesting and engaging, clear take home lesson (9 pts) Examples appropriate; presentation flows well; well ­ organized; effectively used the allotted time, all or most members presented, (9 pts) Many good points related to epidemiology, effective engagement, contained a take home lesson (7 pts) Too much information not clearly connected to epidemiology, or too little information, no clear take home lesson or is confusing (5 pts) Concepts and ideas loosely connected; choppy; lacks clear transitions; is too short or too long, not all members involved (5 pts) For the most part mumbling; little eye contact, little or no expression (5 pts) Tended to go off topic; lost the audience at times; hastily prepared (1 pts) Content is non clear and the information presented not related to epidemiology, no take home lesson (3 pts) Coherence and Organization (30%) (3 ­9 points) Mostly logical and organized; needs better transitions; within the allotted time most members presented (7 pts) Clear, articulation but not as polished, some members less polished (7 pts) Involved the audience most of the time; handout not as polished (2 pts) Quite choppy, disjointed; no transitions, length is inappropriate (3 pts), very uneven presentation Presentation Skills (30%) (3 ­9 points) Poised, clear articulation; enthusiasm for the material; confidence, good volume, eye contact with peers, (9 pts) Involved the audience and maximized their learning; presentation generated good questions (3 pts) Inaudible; no eye contact; disinterested; spoke in a monotone, (3 pts) Audience Response (10%) (0 ­3 points) Incoherent; off topic; audience lost interest; no use of guides audience (0 pts) Instructions Put your name at the top and the groups name and topic below. Circle the cell/box that best describes the group’s presentation for each of the four criteria; content, coherence and organization, presentation skills, and audience response. Total the points in the circled boxes. If there was something that was especially good but not included in the criteria you can give up to 3 bonus points and justify on the back why these should be given. Presenting Group’s Number and Topics _______________________________ SCORE = TOTAL POINTS = ____ + ___ (bonus) = _______. ...
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