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Biology Sample Plan of Study (Calculus-ready) BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY MATH SCIENCE CORE ELECTIVES** CREDITS 1 BIOL 121 Ecology BIOL 195T Lab CHM 115 Inorganic I Calculus I Elective* Language 101 BIOL 115 Freshmen Orientation 15-17 2 BIOL 131 Development CHM 116 Inorganic II Calculus II Elective Language 102 SCI 130 Teamwork 14-16 S 3 BIOL 270 Cellular BIOL 271 Lab CHM 255/L Organic I Language 201/ Culture ENGL 106/108 Composition 14-15 4 BIOL 280 Genetics BIOL 281 Lab CHM 256/L Organic II Writing/present BIOL 295B Sophomore seminar 12 S 5 BIOL 300X with lab PHYS 220 Physics I Great Issues Gen Ed 14 6 Biology Elective BIOL 286
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