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Exam 3 Biology 110 – Fall 2008 Dr. David Bos INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in your BIOL 110 code number and NOT your PUID in the section of the scantron sheet marked: Student Identification Number. The use of calculators, cell phones or other electronic devices is not allowed during the exam. Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. There are 33 questions on this exam. There is only one correct answer for each question. Do not fill in multiple answers, as they will be marked incorrect. Turn in only the answer sheet when you are done. You may keep the exam. Take your time, think and good luck! 1. Where does an organism that is at the first trophic level get its energy? a. From trophic level 0 and 2 b. From the sun c. From eating herbivores d. From eating primary carnivores e. From eating plant matter 2. Heterotrophs are dependent on autotrophs for what two important products? a. Food and water b. Free energy and entropy c. Decomposition and incorporation of organic matter d. Football tickets and movie tickets e. Energy and organic matter 3. Detritovores, such as decomposing bacteria, obtain matter and energy from which trophic level(s)? a. All trophic levels b. Trophic level 1 c. Trophic level 2 d. e. Trophic levels 1-3 4. What is the main source and the chemical forms of bioavailable nitrogen?  a. Nitrogen fixation; NH 3 3 - b. Nitrogen fixation; N 2 3 c. Nitrogen recycling; NH 3 3 - d. Nitrogen recycling; N 2 3 e. Nitrogen recycling; NO 3 - 2 5. Why is the sun so important to all living organisms? a. Without it, energy would not be able to cycle through reservoirs in the ecosystem b. The sun is not important, as evidenced by the fact that so little of the sun’s energy is captured by biological systems 1
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c. Without the sun we would be unable to emit thermal energy into space d. Without it, we have no energy input in biology and entropy would dominate, creating disorder e. Without the sun’s energy, heterotrophs would not be able to capture and transfer energy in biological systems 6. What is an easy way to disrupt the water cycle in terrestrial ecosystems and why? a. Remove detritovores—they break down water molecules to purify them b. Remove the fungi—they provide essential elements that are delivered by water to plants c. Remove the nitrogen fixing bacteria—they provide the nitrates necessary for the splitting of water in photosynthesis d. Remove the nitrifying bacteria—they provide ammonia necessary for the splitting of water in photosynthesis e. Remove trees—they provide transpiration, which brings about precipitation 7. What may be the likely result to damage to any one part of an ecosystem? 
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110%20Exam3%20F08%20Red%20Key - Exam 3 Biology 110 Fall...

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