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Quiz1 - Stat 21 Ibser Quiz 1 Feb 2 2009 This quiz should be...

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Stat 21 - Ibser - Quiz 1 - Feb 2, 2009 This quiz should be handed in during your section either Monday Feb 9 or Tuesday Feb 10. Your quiz will be scored for your own feedback, but you will get full points if you simply answer every question. In order to prepare you for the midterm, I recommend that you take this quiz in 45 minutes without using the book, notes, or anyone else’s brain. You should use a calculator and normal curve, but show work, as you will have to on the midterm. This quiz covers Ch 3-5 of the text. You don’t have to hand in the questions, just the answers. 1. 50 students took a test, and the table shows their scores. For all parts of this problem, assume that the scores are continuous and that they are evenly distributed within each separate class interval. Score 10-30 30-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90 90-100 Count 4 6 5 8 10 11 6 (a) Draw a histogram for this data. (b) In what interval will you find the median value? (c) If possible, identify the exact value of the median. If not possible, explain why not.
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