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Econ 275 - Public Finance - Winter 1994 - 1/27/94 - Lesson #7 - leson7b.275-- Page -- Admin Have homework available Collect group proposals: give tentative time table for completion of the project. Next reading assignment due tuesday. Past exams on reserve. Discuss Clinton's state of the union address.(15 minutes: I don't have that much lecture material today) What did I think? Public goods (Ch 4) sources: leson7a.475 (pretty good), leson11a.275 Work through graphical example of determining market demand for private goods Work through graphical example of determining demand for public
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Unformatted text preview: good. Work through numerical example given in Hyman. Illustrate "Lindahl equilibrium", prices vary by individual. This is how it's done theoretically. The next chapter discusses the real decision making process. Follow up questions: What is the fundamental problem with public goods that prevents markets from working efficiently? (answer: the free rider problem) How much of a problem do you think this is? Other Market failures--asymmetric information Explanation & discussion Adverse selection Moral Hazard. Printed:...
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