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Econ 275 Reading Assignment #2 Due: Tuesday, 2/1/94 Read one of the following articles from section II in the study guide: 1) "What Conditions Affect a Legislator's Voting Behavior?" 2) " 'Public Choice' and Public Spirit" With a 2-3 page paper using the following guidelines: 1) Briefly summarize the article. 2) Outline the economic content the article. 3) Give your views on the article.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, do you agree or disagree with the author's analysis? Why? (I'm looking for evidence that you've carefully thought about the article. Merely regurgitating the article will result in a poor grade). Grading will be based 20% on style (appearance, spelling, grammar, etc.) and 80% on the quality of the analysis. Document: prob2a.275 Printed:...
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