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PowerPoint Appendix (5)

PowerPoint Appendix (5) - Notes Pane therefore you should...

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This document contains instruction on one PowerPoint skill that is not included in SimNet, but may be helpful for the Presentation Project. This document should be read as part of the PowerPoint Lab. How Do I Add Speaker Notes to My Presentation? You’ve already learned how to add text to slides for the audience to view, but sometimes, the presenter (or speaker) needs additional notes about what to say while a slide is displayed. First, download the sample file that goes with this appendix by following the Course Assignments and Labs links on the course website. Then select PowerPoint lab. Right-click PowerPoint Appendix Sample File and select Save Link/Target As then pick a location on your computer . After PowerPoint Appendix Sample File.pptx has been copied to your computer, open it in PowerPoint. Select Normal View . Page 1 of 2
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Position your cursor in the Notes Pane and type the desired text . Each slide has it’s own
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Unformatted text preview: Notes Pane, therefore, you should type only the notes that correspond with the current slide. How Can I View the Text I’ve Entered in the Notes Pane? By default, when you run your slide show, the speaker notes do not display. You can, however, printout the slides with the speaker notes. From the Office button in the top left corner of your PowerPoint window, select Print . From the Print dialog box, change Print What to Notes Pages and select OK . The slide appears at the top of the page and the speaker notes appear below. You can also view the presentation with speaker notes on one computer, a laptop for example, while your audience views the presentation without speaker notes on another computer, one connected to a projector for example. This is a multi-step process that is beyond the scope of this course, but it is not difficult to accomplish. Page 2 of 2...
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