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Spreadsheet 1 Instructions

Spreadsheet 1 Instructions - ACIS 1504 Spreadsheet#1...

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ACIS 1504 – Spreadsheet #1 Project Instructions Overview The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your mastery of spreadsheet design and development. In this assignment, you will create a budget for yourself for the current semester. You do not have to use real data, but make your numbers and categories realistic. This assignment is due by the start of class on the date specified in the tentative course schedule found on the class website. All grading policies can be found in the course website. Detailed instructions for completing this workbook are included on the following pages. If you need help with this assignment, please contact your instructor or one of the tutors at the Center for Academic Enrichment and Excellence. You may also use SimText, SimNet and Excel help. You should use Microsoft Excel 2007 to complete this assignment. If you do not have access to Excel 2007, you can find the application installed on computers in Pamplin 2010 and other labs on campus. Save your work frequently. What is a Budget? A budget is a comprehensive financial plan. For this assignment, your budget will cover the time period of the five months this semester spans (Fall is August-December and Spring is January- May). You will be providing monthly figures, not daily, weekly or annual. You will be providing both revenue (money you receive) and expenses (money you spend). Revenue can be money you’ve earned or money that is given to you directly or indirectly. Expenses are all the things you spend your cash on and all the things you purchase on credit. If you make more money than you spend, you have income. If you spend more money than you make, you have a loss. We will be ignoring rules of accrual accounting since most students in the class are not familiar with these concepts. Our budget will be created in this assignment and enhanced in the next spreadsheet assignment. We will use our imagination to pretend we created the budget at the beginning of the semester. In the first month, we don’t know all of our revenue and expense amounts for the entire semester, so we will make predictions called forecasted amounts. Then we will pretend some time has passed and we will add actual amounts to our budget. At the end of the semester, we can look back and compare our forecasted amounts to our actual amounts to determine how accurate our predictions were. Remember, you do not have to use real numbers for your revenues and expenses; fictitious numbers are acceptable. ACIS 1504 - fa5fab332f4bfe4fbed5ee1d8ce91034abf2c64c.doc Page: 1 of 6
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Detailed Instructions Your solution will be graded on how well you achieve the design goals studied from SimText. Therefore, simply including a component may not earn credit. The component must be included in the most simple, clear and verifiable manner. Your solution should include the following components : 1. Start a new blank workbook and name the file username.xls. For example, my email address is [email protected], so my file would be named lacoste.xlsx. (See SimNet Lesson A – Introduction to Excel 2007 through Saving Files.)
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Spreadsheet 1 Instructions - ACIS 1504 Spreadsheet#1...

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