Week 2 - CheckPoint-Business Organization-Christopher Farris

Week 2 - CheckPoint-Business Organization-Christopher...

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Week 2-CheckPoint-Business Organization 1 Joint Stock Company – The Fishing Hole The Fishing Hole is a small company that will sell small to medium size aluminum fishing boats to anglers looking for a reliable, safe, and new fishing boat at a low cost. The company will is located next to Lake Lotto Water and is a heavily traveled fishing spot. To start the company enough capital will have to be obtain to purchase the sales space, initial inventory, and hire personnel needed to start the company. I propose starting the company out as a joint-stock company by issuing stock certificates of ownership to investors. Each investor will receive a percentage of stock ownership in the company and will be able to profit from that percentage as the company profits. Eight investors will be required and each investor will receive 10% percent of the company stock for investing their money into the company. The remaining 20% percent will remain with the owner for organizing and managing the business. By splitting the 80% between eight investors, each investor will have minimal individual risk. A solid business plan of sales predictions and annual overhead cost will be presented to each investor because each investor will have to accept the risk of unlimited liability in the company and will accept the burden that if the company fails the investors can be sued for any dept owed to creditors or suppliers. Limited Liability Company – The Coffee House
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Week 2 - CheckPoint-Business Organization-Christopher...

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