labs - 1 Astronomy 10, Fall 2008 Observation Labs - 20...

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– 1 – Astronomy 10, Fall 2008 Observation Labs - 20 points total Due in the boxes in the basement of Campbell Hall by 5pm Tuesday, November 11 . (If you Fnish the lab before November 11, feel free to turn it in early.) Be sure to include your name, SID, Section Number, and GSI name on your writeup, and staple it together. In this lab you will get to watch the sky and see for yourself some of the phenomena we have been talking about in class. You will need to make observations on several clear days, so don’t put this o± until the last minute. The weather may not cooperate! When writing up the lab, Frst describe what you were trying to accomplish, and what you expected to see. Then describe your method, including how you collected your data. ²inally, describe what you saw. Explain as best you can the astronomical events which caused the phe- nomena you witnessed. Given what you know, do your results make sense? Your explanation of why you saw what you saw constitutes most of your score on the lab; the observations themselves are the rest of the score. Do one of the following four projects (all worth 20 points): 1. The Setting Sun: This lab requires you to choose a place where you can see the Sun actually setting. One possibility is the bridge between Birge and LeConte, or the roof of Campbell Hall. Whatever place you choose, you must make all observations from the same location. You should space your views so that a few days (at least 3) pass between each observation. A minimum of 6 total
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labs - 1 Astronomy 10, Fall 2008 Observation Labs - 20...

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