McDonald - Case Study 2 McDonalds Seniors Restaurant...

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Case Study 2: McDonald’s “Seniors” Restaurant McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading fast food chains operating about 32,478 restaurants around the world restaurants (Business Week, March 8 th , 2010). Fortune magazine ranked McDonald's #1 for social responsibility in 2007’s list of Most Admired Food Service Companies (Fortune, 2007) also # 1 in terms of people management in 2009 (Fortune, 2009) . Quinn took number of steps in accordance with McDonald’s corporate philosophy of giving back to the communities it serves. Monthly Special . Every 4 th Monday of the month, the restaurant offers breakfast specials for people aged 55 and older. This includes $1.99 for meals and free coffee refills. Obviously, this special promotion strategy is targeting the city’s huge senior population. Today’s seniors are more prosperous than ever before (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2009, p. 140). They have considerable about of flexible time and most of them higher disposable income compared to their predecessors. An interesting thing to note is that those people aged fifty-five through sixty-four spend a per capita average of $1,164 per year on food away from home, while those sixty-five and over spend about $801 annually (Knutson, Elsworth & Beck, 2006, p. 61). In fact, these people above 55 spend more per capita on food away from home than the national average (Knutson, Elsworth & Beck, 2006, p. 61). This makes them an extremely lucrative market for restaurateurs. One can say that Quinn’s current monthly promotion strategy is working very effectively as about 100-150 seniors jam her McDonald’s not just every fourth Monday, but almost every morning. Senior discounts and memberships are highly effective ways of reaching the 55+ mature consumers (Moschis, Bellenger & Curasi, 2003, p. 16) and Quinn has leveraged this marketing tactic very effectively.
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Customer Care. Besides price, “Customer friendliness” is an important ingredient of the overall customer experience. Quinn’s employees have developed close relationships with their senior
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McDonald - Case Study 2 McDonalds Seniors Restaurant...

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