Week 8 Check Point - Performed has worked Humanistic...

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Running head: CHECK POINT: PSYCHOTHERAPY 1 Check Point: Psychotherapy Samantha Corbin University Of Phoenix
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CHECK POINT: PSYCHOTHERAPY 2 Check Point: Psychotherapy The biomedical approach of psychotherapy has three different forms drug therapy, Electroconvulsive therapy and Psychosurgery. Drug therapy is a prescribed prescription pills Those are used widely to help with different emotional states, such as depression which the drug Treatment would be used is antidepressants that help relieve the depression. Anxiety is another Emotional state that is treated with an anxiety drugs which consist of minor tranquilizers which Calms the person down, Valium, Librium and seray are some of the drugs used. Electroconvulsive Therapy is used to help depression. Which is when a bunch of electronically Devices are hood up and transfers electric to the patient’s body. Psychosurgery is a rally used. The surgery is used to alter a person behavior when any other kind of treatment that has been
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Unformatted text preview: Performed has worked. Humanistic therapy is the approach which the whole person mind, body And sprits are being therapies. This type of therapy helps meeting the equals in the therapy with The relationship between the patient and therapist. Existential therapy has the same effects and Operations as the humanistic therapy, but existential gets in a little more detailed with the Patients’ personal life. The psychotherapy focus on the person one on one with their everyday Living and life styles. Psychodynamic therapy is Sigmund Freud method of psychotherapy Which he feels will work. Freud suggested that psychodynamic flows as a psychological energy With their brain. With this sources of therapy it is used once a week besides the normal two-three Times a week with any type of therapy. Cognitive therapy is basically emphasizes the role Of how we feel and what we do....
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Week 8 Check Point - Performed has worked Humanistic...

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