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Running head: SEXUAL RESPONSE CYCLE 1 Sexual Response Cycle Samantha Corbin University Of Phoenix After reading the chapter talking about the sexual response cycle there are four different phases that the male and female have. They are categorized in four different groups; which are excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. However these cycles are characterized by vasocongestion and myotonia. The vasocongestion is when the heart start filling up with blood, this then starts the process of swelling of the genitals and breasts during sexual intercourse of each gender. Myotonia is muscle tension which plays a big role in both male and female cycle. The first phase is excitement in which a female has it can last for a few minutes to several Hours. A female has the body reactions in phase one with muscle tension increasing and Tightens up the body in certain areas. Heart rate increases which is from the Body’s changing with the faster blood flow, this then results in the swelling of the female’s Clitoris and inner Lips. That all happens at the start of sexual intercourse of a male penis entering The female vagina then After the swelling of the vagina area starts, the lubrications begins Which helps the penis slide un harmful in the vagina? That’s all the physical body excitement For a Female.
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SEXUAL RESPONSE CYCLE 2 The second phase is the plateau phase that starts at first part of the sexual intercourse After the female goes through the excitement phase. Plateau stage is some of the general Characteristics as phase one, the difference is more muscle tension, heart rate and breathing Keeps increasing as she would reach the third phase. A woman also has more sensitive clitoris And pain. Once the woman has reached phase three of the sexual Response cycle of orgasm the
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Assignment Sexual Respone Paper - Running head SEXUAL...

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