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Unformatted text preview: o doesn’t, already has. Anonymous % 01 Go to the course web site ..ME554… Learn about patents as much as you can on your own … & + 23 Karthik Ramani 45 2$ $ Knowledge is the stuff that makes new ideas BUT Knowledge alone is not enough. The key to being creative is what you do with your knowledge ! Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different. Nobel Prize Winning Physician Albrt Szent-Gyorgyi 5 * You don’t need to be creative for most of what you do. Much of the educational system is geared to “guess what the teacher is thinking.” 5 er D on ’ tB e Pra c tic al * Follow The RULES Do n’t B ef o oli sh Fo oli sh ! nsw tA igh eR Th Be To Err is Wrong s at’ Th s no t lo gi ca l no T ha t’ ya tm rea Play is frivolous 6 7 ( + $8 Attitude that creates mental locks have all been learnt, temporarily unlearn them Most people are not aware that they are guided by habits: or familiarities Stuck in the way of already thinking about things Ideas or situations that let you get off your routine paths and “think something different.” Personal situations can make you think different or you may have an opportunity to think different 9$ Select the one that is different from the others 2 " # :2 The practice for looking just for one right answer can have serious consequences Flexibility is required in the world for survival You should be able to compare the idea to others in terms of its strengths and weaknesses “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea if it is the only o...
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