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For analytical sequential conclusion proved by sound

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Unformatted text preview: looking for’ ' Analytical Sequential Conclusion proved by sound steps Correct at every step Use negative to back off certain paths ) * Provocative Can make jumps Solution may make its own sense w/o a path Need not be No negative ' Vertical A B C D ) * Lateral A B C D G + Fold your hands exercise: try folding your hands. Note: Which thumb was on top of the other. Now take off your hands and try it again. Note which thumb was on top Now consciously put the other thumb on top when folding. Did it take some effort, discomfort, strange, and even upset? , -$ Cultural Suppression of an enquiring mind Adherence to tradition Environmental Inappropriate physical surroundings Associates who are critical of ideas Emotional Reluctant to take calculated risks Reluctant to let ideas incubate , -$ Emotional Quick to criticize ideas No motivation Intellectual Limited educational background Poor communication skills Inappropriate solution strategies ! , -$ Perceptual Wrong problem definition Stereotypical thinking Failure to study a problem from several perspectives Technical Inaccessible computational tools Immature technology or manufacturing process Outmoded technology and process " . / - $ # He who tries can fail. He wh...
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