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January 29, 2008 Platypus Lay eggs, 40,000 glands in bill that sense electrical currents 112 Ma platypus jaw found with large nerve canal to glands kinds of mammals: placental, marsupial, monotreme new fossil almost doubles the age of the oldest known monotreme would you expect the oldest monotreme fossils be older that the oldest placentals According to Terri, warm bloodedness evolved n out lineage: a) 280-250 Ma (correct answer) b) 250-200 Ma c) 200-100 Ma d) We don’t know Why pits in the muzzle indicated whiskers: pits indicated whiskers whiskers indicated fur fur indicated warm-bloodedness Why is extinction important? Extinction provides for the evolution of other animals. Warm-bloodedness in Great White Sharks tells us: Warm bloodedness has evolved independently more than once. Evidence for K-T impact world wide clay layer with iridium, shocked quartz, spherules, and carbon 65 Ma tsunami deposits ringing the Caribbean Chicxulub crater It was a BIG explosion
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