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Homework - feasible idea 3 Generate a list of appropriate...

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Design for Assembly Assignment Individual assignment 15% of points Please submit via Black Board Due Date April 16 A Door bell company has decided to redesign their push button. The current design is shown below. The housing and base are axisymmetric. Please state any assumptions you make during your analysis. 1. Perform a DFA evaluation of the existing design. You can use the templates given with this assignment or a modified version of it. Please feel free to customize or use it as is. 2. Suggest ideas for redesign and generate a sketch .You should have at least one
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Unformatted text preview: feasible idea. 3. Generate a list of appropriate questions so that the proposed design can be evaluated. Your questions should address the following areas of design: tolerance, manufacturing, assembly, and quality. 4. When a product is used by a customer, the way the manufacturing organization remains linked with the customer is through the customer satisfaction. Especially comment on the aspects of the design related to reliability and maintainability of the doorbell....
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