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Dance, Theater, and Technology Presentation Carlyn Ann Huchko, Michael Thompson, Kwame Newman-Bremang General Thesis for Presentation Dance is form of theatrical presentation. It is an expression of the human body. The human body is a form of universal technology. Dance Dance is an expression of culture often mimicking the movements of nature, but certainly expressing the potentials of the human body. It is also an encoded language that serves varying cultural needs including story telling, entertainment, exercise, and even self- Examples Break dancing: 0:15-2:30sec
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Capoeira 0:20-2:30sec 0:20-2:30sec 0:40-2:00sec Kung-Fu is another multifaceted form of expression created for show as well as for battle readiness. Its ancient history reveals another common thread between dance (as well as
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Dance-Theatre-Technology-WorkFileOfficeVersion - Dance,...

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