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Interactive Performance Proposal Carlyn Huchko and Michael Thompson The performance will be lead by Michael in full clown costume and character. Accompanied by screens, speakers and everyday objects, the clown will gradually discover (with the help of the audience) how movements, gestures, voices and other sounds affect his environment. A quick wave of the hand may trigger a loud cracking sound or his red nose may leave a trail on the screen. As he learns how to manipulate his environment, he creates a rhythmic performance (with audience assistance), evoking a sense of community. This speciFc style of clowning, known as the Pochinko Method or Canadian Clown, was developed by the late Richard Pochinko. He believed that “clowning is about allowing all honest emotions and impulses to occur, and then structuring that creative licence to build a performance. By contrast, other techniques teach structure before freedom” (from Wikipedia). One of Pochinko ʼ s clown graduates, Sue Morrison once said
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