Extra credit - OPI Hispanic Group 1 Females of all ages...

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OPI Hispanic Group: 1. Females of all ages should be targeted, I would think that if they have a children’s line that would also work something you can easily remove. I see parents taking their children with them to get their nails done. Males should not be advertised to; there are no sales there, not even as gifts I would think. Hispanic women love to make themselves look pretty and manicures and pedicures, this would be a good target Market. 2. I think that for Hispanic people, all colors work and all product images, models of all sizes, Hispanics come in every color and every shape, I don’t think there would be a lot of problems here. 3. Things that should not be in the content are any false promises such as you will find a boyfriend if you find OPI, or without this you will not be successful at work etc. Instead they should encourage a better image and a variety of colors being offered to the consumer. 4. I think that anything that seems alive would work for this target market, obviously faces where OPI can be used which is hands and toes. Maybe a woman in the
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Extra credit - OPI Hispanic Group 1 Females of all ages...

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