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Assignment4_2009 - BIOL 361 ASSIGNMENT 4(Categorical Data...

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BIOL 361 –ASSIGNMENT 4 (Categorical Data Analysis) March 10, 2009 This assignment is due before class on Tuesday March 24 . It is worth 15% of your final mark. Preamble: You are an entomologist interested to know if various insect pollinators show a preference for visiting flowers of different colours. You observe plants in a 20 m 2 area of an abandoned farm field and record the number of visits by beetles, flies and bees on flowers of three different colours (white, yellow, blue). Your data are recorded in the following table: Flower colour Insect visitors White Yellow Blue Total Beetles 56 34 32 122 Flies 31 74 22 127 Bees 57 103 175 335 Total 144 211 229 584 Assignment: Use these data to analyze the following: 1. Using data collected for the beetles only, test the claim (at alpha = 0.01) that the beetles show a preference for visiting flowers based on flower colour. 2. Use the entire data set (beetles, flies, bees) to test the claim (at alpha = 0.01) that there is an association between the types of insects and the colour of flowers they visit.
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