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1 - Exam Name M ULTIPLE CHOICE IIlho'ose the one...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam Name M ULTIPLE CHOICE. IIlho'ose the one alternative the! best completes the statement or answers the question. 1} The pattern component of the cell theory claimsthat all organism s consist of cells. A} true B} false 2} How does a scientific theory differ from a scientific hypothea's'? A} There is no difference—the terms are interchangeable. B} A hypothesis isan explanation for avery general phenomenon:theories treat more specific issues. G} A theory is an explanation for a very general phenomenon or observation; hypotheses treat more specific observations. D} Theories define scientific laws: hypotheses are used to set up experiments. 3} Algae in the genus Catlerpatypically grow to a length of over halfa meter and have structures a'milar to stems. leaves. and roots. Fleprod uction ocx:urs when azlults produce sperm a'ld eggs thfl fuse to form offspring. Each a:lult Cailerpaoonsists of just a single cell. however. Whidl of the following statementsistrue'? A} The existence of IIZ‘sIJIeIpaisoona'stent with the cell theory. B} Gatlelpaviolate both the pattern and process com ponents of the cell theory. G} DaJleIpaviolate the pattern com ponent of the cell theory—that all organisms consist of cells. D} Gatlerpaviolatethe processoomponent of the cell theory—that all cellsoomefrom preexisting cells. 4} Which statement about spontaneous generation isfalse'? A} It addresses the formation of living oellsfrom previously nonliving material. B} Fasteurdem onstrsled that it does not occur under normal laboratory conditions. C} It occurs every time a new species evolves from a p reexisting species. D} It apparently occurred a least once—w hen life on Earth began. 5} Flecall Fasteur's experiment on spontaneous generation. Drigirally he used sealed and unsealed flasks insteat of sealed a1d sw a1— necked flask s. Critics clai med that the experiment was inconclusive. Which of the following criticism s would be addressed by using a swa'l— necked flaslr. instead of the unsealed flask? A} The broth was heated too intensively. B} Fresh air is required for spontaneous generation. G} The broth was not nutritious enough. D} There haal not been enough time for spontaneous generation to occur. 6} Which of the following is the best exam ple of a heritable variation? A} lovefor music B} red hair C} amputflion D} skin cancer 3"} How does artificial selection differ from natural selection? A} Artificial selection is based on conscious choices by humans. B} Artificial selection occurs only with plants. G} A rtificial selection is not based on heritable variation. but on new In utations. D} A rtificisl selection occurs only in computer simulations. not with actual organism s. 1} 2} 3} 4} 5i a} ...
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