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Unformatted text preview: 3 QUESTIONS 1. Which Today Show co-host recently returned to SUNY 1. Geneseo (where she was a student) for a visit? Geneseo Jenna Wolfe 2. What tv show did Neil Patrick Harris, the host of this year’s 2. Emmy Awards, star on as a child actor in the early 1990’s? Emmy Doogie Howser, MD 3. Who did the NY Times say that the White House (President 3. Obama) is urging not to run for election next year? Obama) Governor Paterson of NY Mrs. Warren’s Profession by George Bernard Shaw The Apology Why did he write it? Believed art should be used as an instrument Believed to make moral statements. to He was outraged at the idea that his play was He going to cause women to become prostitutes. going society. society. Condemning a corrupt and hypocritical Condemning Story/Plot Where and when? 19th century London Main character(s)? Mrs. Warrren and Miss Warren What do opening stage directions tell us? Class Season Relationships - mother/daughter What is going on? Mother and daughter don’t get along Mother trying to gain respect and love of daughter Characters Mrs. Kitty Warren Miss Vivie Warren Mr. Praed Sir George Crofts Frank Gardner Reverend Samuel Gardner Themes Mother/daughter relationship Freedom/oppression Wealth/poverty Criticism Censorship Audience reaction Shift in perspective ...
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