9AsmtWk10-26-09 - WEEK OF LW121 ASSIGNMENT Monday Chapter...

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WEEK OF OCTOBER 26, 2009 -- LW121 ASSIGNMENT Monday: Chapter 13 (pp. 302-303); Home Improvement Contractor Assignment (See materials on Blackboard) Wednesday: Chapter 7 (Selected Sections); McDonald’s Coffee Case; Akins Case Friday: Chapter 21(Selected Sections); Emerson Electric Case TEXT SECTIONS: Chapter 13: (Legality) Pages 302-303 Licensing Statutes Only Chapter 7: (Negligence and Strict Liability) Please skip the following: Landowner’s Duty (from bottom of p. 155 to middle of p 158, pick up at Breach of Duty Res Ipsa Loquitor (from bottom of p. 161 to middle of p. 164, pick up at Damages) Chapter 21: (Warranties and Product Liability) Please begin reading at Negligence on p. 492 to end of chapter Assigned Cases Volunteers Due Date Written Assignments Home Improvement Contractor Assignment XXXXXX Mon. 10/26 All Students: Assignment and Materials are posted on Blackboard. Liebeck v. McDonalds Stella Liebeck (79-year old coffee drinker) McDonalds (fast food restaurant) Grandson Back Up (2) ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ __________________ Wed. 10/28 All Students: Read case summary below Do additional research as required Write Closing Argument Akins v. Glens Falls XXXXXXX Wed. 10/28 All Students: Read case summary below Answer questions below Karns v. Emerson Electric Co. All Students: Rely on Case Summary Donald Pearce (13-year old) Emerson Electric Uncle Back Ups (2) ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ __________________ _________________ Fri. 10/30 Presenters & Backups- o Read case summary only o Case Brief All Other students: o Read case summary o Home Improvement Contractor Assignment Due Date: Monday 10/26: Assignment and materials posted on Blackboard. McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case Due Date: Wednesday 10/28 McDonald’s sells over a billion cups of coffee each year. McDonald’s consumer research showed that customers prefer coffee to be extremely hot so it required its coffee to be served at 180-190 degrees Farenheit. (Home-brewed coffee is generally 140-145 degrees and coffee sold by many other fast food chains at the time was served at 160-180 degrees.) In 1992, Stella Liebeck, aged 79, ordered coffee at an Albuquerque, New Mexico McDonald’s drive-thru.
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9AsmtWk10-26-09 - WEEK OF LW121 ASSIGNMENT Monday Chapter...

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