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Unformatted text preview: Ability is an Awesome Responsibility FIRST TOWN HALL MEETING! Wednesday, March 28 (tomorrow) Bel 328 6 8 p.m. Come with any and all business fair questions. Bring your whole group to meet us! Corporate Structure Strategic Management Tactical Management Operational Management Non-Management Staff & Clerical Personnel Classic Business Model Decisions Strategic Tactical Operational Staff Feedback Strategic Management Top Level Management Set Long Range Goals & Policy Big Picture Decisions Goal Oriented Analysis "What if" Scenarios Tactical Management Middle Management Implementation of Strategic Goals Periodic Reviews Performance & Progress Reports Variance Analysis Budget Analysis Operational Management Front Line Management Daily Management - Specific Tasks Monitoring of Ongoing Activities Performance Sales, Production, Personnel, Cost Clerical Personnel Collect Process Organize File Relevant Information for ALL levels of management Leadership: The Importance of Learning Leadership Ponder These... What is another definition of leadership? How can leadership be viewed? What are the different styles of leadership? What are the functions of management? What are the differences between leadership and management? What is the classic business model? What roles can one play in the classic business model? Leadership Qualities Loyalty disagreement is not necessarily disloyalty Courage accepts risks Emotional Stamina bounces back w/o losing perspective Physical Stamina Empathy don't confuse with sympathy Decisiveness knowing when to act Anticipation observation Timing is everything Competitiveness intense desire to win SelfConfidence do you have it? Accountability for personal actions Responsibility for whole pictures Credibility trustworthiness Tenacity pursues through doubt Dependability know they are there Stewardship time money Leadership An influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes that reflect their shared purposes. What Leadership Involves Influence Intention Followers LEADER Personal Shared Purpose Responsibility Change The New Reality of Leadership OLD Paradigm Industrial Age Stability Control Competition Things Uniformity NEW Paradigm Information Age Change Empowerment Collaboration People & Relationships Diversity Leadership Can Be Learned LEADER Unconscious Competence Conscious Competence Conscious Incompetence Unconscious Incompetence NonLeader Reasons for Executive Derailment Insensitive, abrasive, intimidating, bullying style Cold, aloof, arrogant Betrayal of personal trust Overly ambitious, self-centered, thinking of next job, playing politics Specific performance problems with the business Overmanaging: unable to delegate or build team Unable to select good subordinates Leadership VS. Management Leadership The ability to get others to follow willingly for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Leadership Styles D ir ectiv e Suppor tive Par ticipativ e Achievement-Oriented ...
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