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MIS Reading for Exam #2 Pgs. 717-730 Fundamental Concept #1: Random Sampling o Random sample criteria: Every unit or case in the population has an equal chance of being selected (you must first have fixed in your mind a larger population in which you have an interest) The slection of any single case or unit can in no way affect the selection of any other unit or case The cases or units must be selected in such a way that all combinations are possible. Some combinations may be highly impobable, but all combinations are possible. o Sampling frame – physical representation of the population i.e. the ability to make a statement about the population of registered voters in a certain county begins with your identification of a listing of all registered voters in that county. o Every case or unit in the sampling frame would be numbered, and then a table of random numbers would be used to select the individual cases for the sample Fundamental Concept #2: Sampling Error
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