Spring 2007 RM7 - 1 Road Map 7 March 18th 2007 45 days `til...

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Road Map 7 March 18 th , 2007 45 days ‘til the Business Fair! Checklist Continue writing and polishing Group Document. Start generating booth ideas. Do not forget your individual interview synthesis project. Group Document TIPS ON GROUP DOCUMENT 1. How do we write each section? Your group should have discussed the divisions of the definition and each group member should have contributed ideas to how they saw the group using a concept, idea, theory in their project or group activities. Then, a “writer” or “writers” for each group should complete each section. Most groups have held editing sessions to share ideas. IF your group has divided the areas and left individuals writing each to their own…troubled times await you with the judges…rethink your individuality in your answers….the document is a GROUP effort and collaboration of ideas. 2. Can we be creative or do we have to follow the guidelines only? By all means, be creative. The document guidelines are as most assignments, the minimum acceptable for group work. The page numbers are not “limits” they are minimum’s. ..offered to answer the question: “How many pages do we have to write?” Many groups have taken the opportunity to add sections to their document of experiences. Other groups have created a “deBono” section, or other creative sections that relate to their learning experiences this semester. Many groups create documents matching their product theme, such as a cookbook, or a magazine, or a scrapbook, or owners manual to their product. Yes, it is OK and encouraged that you think outside the box. 08 Road Map: Reviewed and Approved by The Mayor of the City of Cleveland AT Texas
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Spring 2007 RM7 - 1 Road Map 7 March 18th 2007 45 days `til...

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