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Unformatted text preview: Stats 20/02/2007 20:55:00 2/20/07 True or false a Frequency Distribution and the area of a normal curve are related/ the same thing o FALSE a frequency could not be related because its a percent o A relative could be associated A frequency distribution is a grouping of data into categories showing the numbe r of observations in each mutually exclusive category How much does something happen to a sample going to happen to a large group You either have blue eyes or you dont You either passed it or you didnt o Cumulative frequency **(ON TEST) is the sum of the frequencies for an interval and all lower ones. Need to be able to work this backwards ** o Relative frequency Is the number of observations in an interval divided by the total sample o Cumulative relative frequency is a sum of the corresponding relative frequencies or the result of dividing the cumulative frequency by the number of observations. Cumulative relative frequency 4/40 .100 + .225 = .325 added it all the way down the total on the bottom will ALWAYS = 1 or 100% ** Area under the normal curve o Cal Area = 1.00 (100%) Relative frequency = 1.00 Relationship o Make note this paper represents of the normal curve - .500 So if you want the whole graph need to double* o Fine the area that lie between o The normal curve 1.000 what else equals 1.000 cumulative and relative frequency ** total curve = 1.000 symmetrical Ms fall on the center line Find the area that lies between Z=0 and Z=1.82 o Step 1: Draw it....
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22007 MIS -...

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