roadmap2 - 1 Road Map 2 February 11th, 2007 80 days `til...

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1 Road Map 2 February 11 th , 2007 80 days ‘til the Business Fair! Checklist Decide a weekly meeting place and time. Exchange contact information. Brainstorm about a product and company. Keep up with attendance. Create study questions as a group for Exam 1 review Weekly Meeting Your group needs to decide a consistent weekly meeting time and place that ALL of the group members can attend. 1. Create a time sheet. 2. Use this to figure out a good time for regular group meetings. 3. Have each group member fill in when they absolutely cannot meet (ex: class, meeting, work.) 4. After everyone has colored in their times look at the empty spaces left and decide between everyone which of those times they would like to meet. *TIP*: This is the second week this has been on your checklist…if you are behind…get caught up!*** Contact Information At your first official meeting your group should have exchanged all current contact information, (Ex: working e-mail address, home phone, cell phone, address, etc.) Please make sure that all information is correct so that group members can easily contact one another. *TIP*: Blackboard contact information may not be up to date! *** If NOT please update your contact information so that Dr. Cleveland and TAs can contact you as well! *** Brainstorm Your group needs to begin coming up with product and company ideas. You have a limited time to brainstorm. The Patent office will open soon. The first day for submissions to the Patent Office will begin March 20 th at 6pm . This gives you a little more than a week to brainstorm. *TIPS*
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roadmap2 - 1 Road Map 2 February 11th, 2007 80 days `til...

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