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Hey guys! Okay, so about this attendance policy thing… We are all busy kids. We all have school, jobs, clubs, social lives, etc; Our time is very valuable to us and we all must use it wisely. To do a good job on this product all need to try to be as involved as possible. The more brains working on this, the better. Just so we all are on the same page, here is the attendance policy. We will review it in the meeting on Thursday and any input is welcome. After it becomes official we will all sign it and it will go into our “MASTER NOTEBOOK!” The rules will be applied to recording attendance. Peace Out Homies, Jessi Lambert Attendance Policy 1. All members are expected to be at every meeting. 2. If for some reason you are unable to attend a meeting you must inform the other owners of the “company” at least 1 day in advance. 3. If you miss a meeting YOU are responsible to contact another member and find out all things that happened at the meeting.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. If you miss a meeting where group homework was due, e-mail or give the homework to one of the other members the day before in class or BEFORE the meeting. We need your input to make decisions and move ahead. We want all members to agree on every decision and everyone’s input is needed and important 5. Excused reasons for absences include, but are not limited to: family obligations, your birthday, work, or sickness 6. Unexcused reasons include, but are not limited to: getting wasted, poor time management, working out, getting your hair done, etc; 7. Whether or not unexpected emergencies (those that come up the day of) will be excused or unexcused will be decided on by the members present at that meeting. 8. Bottom line: respect each other’s time. We could all be doing something else instead of meeting but we all care about our grade and this project!...
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