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I. Product: “No Tears” II. The Product a. How the Product works: i. It is a gentle solution/chemical that safely stops tear ducts from excreting tears. It follows the same concept of allergy medicines that block histamines that cause inflammation and other allergic reactions to coinciding parts of the body, the drops effect the chemical receptors in the body that induce tearing. ii. Prevents eyes from producing tears iii. Example situations 1. Situations in which you get overemotional and easily upset; prevent embarrassment 2. Allergies (puffy red eyes for men and women along with making your make-up run for women) 3. Cooking (don’t want eyes to water from onions, steam, and spices etc) iv. Crying is natural 1. Yet so many of us have trouble keeping our composure in situations we later wish we had 2. Ugly effects of crying a. Red puffy eyes, makeup running (women), blood shot eyes v. Now we can choose when we cry and when our eyes water! vi. Different formulas (all day relief without over drying eyes and 6 hour relief and emergency….) vii. Approach from in two ways 1. Helping people keep composure 2. Alleviate the effects of eye irritants 3. Cooking viii. How it actually works
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final Mock_Business_Plan - I. II. Product: "No...

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