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Cleveland AT Texas Business Fair Executive Document Guidelines Spring 2007 The Content: The content of the Executive Document is a group effort. This book will be part of your display at the booth on Fair Day. You must  include the following elements in this order: o Title Page: o Table of Contents o Staff Descriptions (1 pg. per group member) : Write a description of the role(s) each person undertook in  this project. Include each group members’ company title and contribution to the project in that capacity. Also include a  brief professional biography (real life, not fictitious) and photo of each group member. o Executive Summary (4-5 pages): This is a section that gives the reader a thorough overview of your company  and product. Describe your company and product, provide a graphic of the product if possible, indicate target market, cost/ product and company. This section is often called the “Elevator Speech” where you have only a couple of “floors” up or  down to explain to someone else what you are about. o Application Section (8-12 pages):  “Beyond the Classroom” – as a group, tell the story of knowledge gained  through this experience. Use the basic definition of MIS as the central theme or question for this section.  o Attendance: Include a record of group attendance for each meeting in an Excel spreadsheet. This will protect your 
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This note was uploaded on 07/12/2010 for the course MIS 311 taught by Professor Cleveland during the Spring '10 term at University of Texas.

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GroupDocumentGuidelinesSpring2007-1 - Cleveland AT Texas...

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