RM4 - 1 Road Map 4 February 25 th 2007 66 days ‘til the...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Road Map 4 February 25 th , 2007 66 days ‘til the Business Fair! Checklist □ Begin discussing product and company details. □ Select book to read. □ Be sure you have read group document guidelines. □ Start material sponsorship. □ Keep track of budget. □ Begin building a prototype of your product. □ Be sure your are on track with your personal assignment of the Interview Synthesis Product and Company Details Now the time has come that your group needs to begin focusing on all the details of your company! Company Assign positions to each group member within your company. EX: CEO, VP, Marketing, Advertising, etc. Remember the titles do NOT have to be traditional. *TIP* Try to choose titles that correlate with your company. EX: If your company is small and laid-back then you do not need a CEO. If your company is large and very corporate then you will want to have a CEO and VP. Some groups have elected to use colors, or deBono hats, or types of product they sell as the document divisions…that is fine. The “titles,” “dividions,” are simply to divide individual sections of work. When and where was your company founded? Is it the grand opening or since (you creatively select a year)? What else does your company manufacture/produce? These questions should trigger more thoughts and details about your company. Somewhere in these discussions you will ask a question that triggers how you will use some of the theories we’ve studied. *TIP* Examples: 1. You might be deciding where to locate your business. How do you find that out in business? You must conduct surveys (sampling). 2. You may be planning the explanation of your ad campaign. How do you test your product so you can run your ads? Hypothesis testing. 3. Maybe you will be establishing an online part of your company. How do you do that? Telecommunications sections we’ve covered such as LAN, WAN, data mining, etc will be very helpful. Your challenge now is to begin to be aware of HOW the things you are learning in class would be used in your group’s business in the real world…..the application of theory is now! 04 Road Map: Reviewed and Approved by The Mayor of the City of Cleveland AT Texas 2 Product How does your product work? What does this product look like? How much does it cost? Who is this product/service marketed toward and where is it sold? Brainstorm advertising ideas. Book Selection Your group should select one (or more) of the following books to read: Who Moved My Cheese? Johnson, Blanchard Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom The One Minute Manager Blanchard, Johnson Hope for the Flowers Tina Paulus *TIP* Start this now because you will not have time to read it later!...
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RM4 - 1 Road Map 4 February 25 th 2007 66 days ‘til the...

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