Road map1 - 1 Road Map 1 February 4th 2007 87 days `til...

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1 Road Map 1 February 4 th , 2007 87 days ‘til the Business Fair! Checklist Meet all the members of your group before February 14 th Think about a weekly meeting time and place. Brainstorm product and company ideas. Make sure all you contact information is up to date. Weekly Meeting Your group will need to decide on a consistent weekly meeting time and place that ALL of the group members can attend. Start considering your personal best times to meet so when your group first meets you can quickly find a mutual time to meet each week. 1. Create a time sheet. 2. Use this to figure out a good time for regular group meetings. 3. Use this sheet to fill in when you absolutely cannot meet (ex: class, meeting, work, etc.). 4. Once you have colored in your times, look at the empty spaces left and that is when you are available. 5. When you meet as a group either compare these sheets or do one as a group to quickly find a meeting time. 6. If your responsibilities prohibit your meeting at any time, be prepared with alternatives for your group, ie you can do a web site for the group, or network with companies, etc. Brainstorm Ideas Business Fair will move at a fast pace, it would be to your best benefit to begin brainstorming ideas for your product and company at your very first meeting. This will give you and your
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Road map1 - 1 Road Map 1 February 4th 2007 87 days `til...

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