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Style Change Wallpaper - College student in dorm-we need to...

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Style Change Wallpaper - Styles change fast, so shouldn’t your wallpaper. o Peel the old style away for a brand new look Easier than regular wallpaper and paint No more mess – just peel and stick - Keep it up 10 yrs or 10 minutes Has both long wear ability and easy enough to remove for the latest fashion Target audience: Fun style savvy men and women between the ages of 15 and 45 living in the southern region of the U.S. Who are keeping up with the latest fashion and tend to change their mind a lot when it comes to fashion. Also they tend to be into changing he style of the house, apartment or dorm yearly. Marketing: This product is fun and should be sold fun. Advertising: Funny and real life instances commercials Funny – play on how fast styles change with wallpaper Fashion show – or drama with peeling it off Life instances – mom and baby makes a mess Toddler colors on the wall ect.
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Unformatted text preview: College student in dorm. -we need to let ppl know this wont hurt what is on the walls already -wont peel off in steam -- has lift corners that you can’t see when on the wall but you know are their and just peel them back and then peel the hole thing off Price: Between 15 and 30 dollars a roll Color: All Marble finish Pinstriped Floral Patterns Textured Metallic Wood Checkered Ivy, vines Borders too. Fun adds Calendars Blank space for writing Booth Fun with food and music Have a wall wear the wallpaper is and let ppl draw on it throw food on it and then show ppl how easy it is to get off and put up new design. While always looking professional Have demonstrator “Does this happen at your house” “Does this happen at your apartment” “Well don’t worry any more just peel away the old and put up some new – no mess just style”...
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Style Change Wallpaper - College student in dorm-we need to...

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