summary of the one minute manager

summary of the one minute manager - o This applies to our...

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The One-Minute Manager Key points for group document - People are the most important aspect (as stated in intro of the book) o Mrs. C talked about this in class and is also in our book o This applies to us as a group/company We have to realize that people are the most important We are what makes the products and come up with the designs - If you feel good you do better work (see pg 20) o If we are happy as a group and work well together we can accomplish anything - Products are/ should be judged on both o Quality and quantity - 3 secrets of the 1 min goal setting o Everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to do o Also what is exactly expected of them
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Unformatted text preview: o This applies to our group b/c if everyone knows what he or she is supposed to be doing and how he or she cannot mess up.-One Minute praising o Reward the good – make ppl feel good This applies our group that way we all stay motivated-One minute reprimand o This applies to our group by letting ppl know what they are doing wrong then they can fix it and start doing what is right o Remember ppl are motivated by feedback -Difference between job and task o We have to break down this big product into tasks – and set goals so that we stay on track What the road maps are for This is key to any company’s success....
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