Short fiction test 3

Short fiction test 3 - Short fiction test 3 Key Concepts...

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Unformatted text preview: Short fiction test 3 Key Concepts Egoism: center/ periphery as disaster, only thing there is, act as if you dont exist only as if the role you play in their life Egotism: greater than you really are Epiphany: then all at once I see it 4645 o Joyce uses that term- the awareness when you finally get something that is there before you o Usually involves a focal character who realizes how diluted and egoistic he has been o Epiphany happens for the narrator or reader, or character involved The old order changeth (but not yet) Moderism is a response to modernity o Modernism= state capitalism + technology monopoly o State Capitalism- ethoth that comes out of the old-now, whats good for gm is good for the country, the major corporations were the major business, the major corporations of the 1920s were the coddled children of the government o Technology was pretty much concentrated in a couple western nations, those western nations jealously guarded their monopoly of that technology and used it for global domination Joyces Epiphanies Araby o Always a sort of great difference between the implied others and the characters o Story about a boy hwho has gone to buy his beloved a great treasure from Araby- Araby is a bizarre and the stuff is crappy, but it feels grand, he comes to the booth late right before closing, everyone there is tired, he cant bring himself to actually ask for anything o Final Line- highlighted gazing- interesting Vanity- he has been egoistically expecting everyone around him to organize around his pageant notion of him coming home triumphantly with a gift that will win the heart of his beloved, when actually he finds out how totally insignificant he is- anguish and anger, finds out how dark the universe is, and how busy everyone else is with their own lives my eyes burn with anguish- anguish has a lot to do with thinking of what an idiot he was, how deluded he was to think like that Anger- is that aimed at himself for making this mistake? Or at the world for suckering him into it because the world promotes an egoistic self absorption and a consume everything you can grab or is the anger pointed elsewhere o Relatively simple tale o The whole story (The Dead) could be condensed to say that it is only about Gabriels ego Characters who are in here all play a part in this theme o Miss Ivors and the West of I reland (442-4, 447) She is the one who throws Gabriel off Gabriel is the favorite nephew of all the spinsters He fancies himself- a poet genius, extravagant notions of himself Miss Ivors-Not blown away by anyone 442- Highlighted because she is ashamed of him for writing for the daily express because it is a house newspaper of the british government in I reland (west Britain), this is an insult in the revolutionary culture, this throws Gabriel into confusion on page 443 he says he is sick of his own country] Page 447- miss ivors is the one that begins the pinprick,...
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Short fiction test 3 - Short fiction test 3 Key Concepts...

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