Calculation_on_Unemployment_Rate_etc_Rev - 30 Full-time...

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Using Table 1, calculate the following:     Number in Millions/Rate % (to nearest tenth) Table 2 Category Number of people in millions Total Population 450 Less than 15 years old 50 Part-time workers 45 Full-time workers 225 Retired 25 Looking for work in the past 4 weeks 15 In Jail
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Unformatted text preview: 30 Full-time homemaker 25 Full time students 25 Discouraged workers 10 a) Working Age Population: (Adult Population) b) Non-participants: c) Labour Force: d) Unemployed: e) Employed: f) Labour Force Participation Rate: g) Unemployment Rate:...
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Calculation_on_Unemployment_Rate_etc_Rev - 30 Full-time...

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