How_Unemployment_is_Measured - o UR = [U/LF]*100 o = [U/(E...

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How is Unemployment Measured? o Labour Force Survey determines: o Adult Population  (same as working age population) o Employed (E) o Unemployed (U) o Not in the Labour Force o Retirees o Full-time students o Housewives
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o Labour Force (LF): o LF = U + E o Unemployment Rate (UR):
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Unformatted text preview: o UR = [U/LF]*100 o = [U/(E + U)] * 100 o Participation Rate (LFPR) o Percent of adult population in the labour force o LFPR = LF/Working Age Population * 100 o Labour Force Survey (LFS) cst01/lfss01a.htm...
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How_Unemployment_is_Measured - o UR = [U/LF]*100 o = [U/(E...

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