Assign03 - 2 5 Williams problem 2.10(This is a challenging but interesting problem oFered for extra credit Skip the ±rst two lines that ask you to

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Physics 5110 Homework 3 (due Feb 3) January 26, 2010 1. The π + meson has a mean lifetime (at rest) of 2 . 6 × 10 - 8 s. Its prin- cipal decay modes are μ + ν μ and e + ν e with branching fractions of ap- proximately 0.99988 and 0.00012, respectively. Determine the partial transition rates. 2. Williams, problem 2.8. 3. Williams, problem 2.11 (assume a 4 liter sample in 2.3). 4. Williams, problem 2.12 (except, let the thickness be 0.05 kg/m
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Unformatted text preview: 2 ). 5. Williams, problem 2.10 (This is a challenging but interesting problem, oFered for extra credit). Skip the ±rst two lines that ask you to write the law of radioactive decay and de±ne the half life and mean life and the relation between them. [There are online tips for this problem linked to the main assignments page.] 1...
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