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Physics 5110 Homework 4 (due Feb 10) February 3, 2010 1. Williams, problem 2.15. Change the problem data as follows: In the Frst part, let the counter register an average of 3.5 counts per second. In the second part, suppose the larger counter registers 4096 counts in 5 mintes. 2. Suppose all the charge on a nucleus were concentrated uniformly in a very thin shell on its surface. How would that change the square of the form factor? To be speciFc, suppose the nuclear radius is 4.1 fm. Plot the square of the form factor as a function of q/ ¯ h in units of fm - 1 , just as in Williams ±ig. 3.3 and discuss the di²erences you see.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Williams, problem 3.6. 4. Williams, problem 3.7. Here you Frst have to Fnd the electrostatic po-tential energy for the extended charge distribution. We discussed this in class. Remember the energy level shift in Frst order perturbation theory is given by Δ E = i ψ * ( r )Δ V ( r ) ψ ( r ) d 3 r where ψ ( r ) is the eigenfunction for the energy level under consideration and Δ V ( r ) is the di²erence between the potential due to the actual charge distribution and the potential due to a point charge. 1...
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