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assign09 - with an electron initially at rest After the...

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Physics 5110 Homework 9 (due Mar 17) March 31, 2010 1. Williams, problem 8.3. 2. An 16 O nucleus has an excited state 6.13 MeV above the ground state. It emits a gamma. The available energy is divided between the kinetic energy of the recoiling nucleus and the energy of the gamma. What is the energy of the gamma? 3. This is a lingering issue from Williams 7.8. How much are gamma en- ergies shifted if the decaying nucleus is moving? Suppose the oxygen nucleus in the previous problem is moving with a kinetic energy of 3 MeV before it emits the gamma. What range of gamma energies will be produced? 4. A photon of energy 50 MeV moves along the x -axis and Compton scatters
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Unformatted text preview: with an electron initially at rest. After the collision the resulting photon is observed traveling along the y-axis and the electron has recoiled. Using energy and momentum conservation with the appropriate relativistic re-lation between energy and momentum, compute the energy-momentum four vectors for the electron and photon in the Fnal state. 5. Show, using energy and momentum conservation, that electron-positron annihilation cannot result in just one gamma, but a pair of gammas is permissible. In the latter case compute the energy and momentum of the resulting gammas in the c.m. frame. 1...
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