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Physics 5110 Homework 10 (due Apr 2) March 30, 2010 1. Williams, problem 9.3. 2. Williams, problem 9.4. 3. A moving particle has a longer mean life ( τ ) than a resting particle ( τ 0 ), according to τ = γτ 0 . Calculate the lifetime (years) of a very high energy cosmic ray neutron of total energy 10 20 eV . (Hint: use the Lorentz transformation to go from the particle rest frame to the moving frame to Fnd the relationship between γ , E , and mc 2 .) Such neutrons might survive the journey from distant galaxies. 4. (a) A neutron decays at rest to a proton plus electron and neutrino.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the least positive invariant four-momentum transfer from the neutron to the proton. (Hint:the least positive value comes when the electron is at rest.) (b) Draw a eynman diagram representing the decay process, showing the appropriate vector boson. (c) Draw a eynman diagram for the scattering of an electron-type-neutrino from a neutron, resulting in an electron and a protron, showing the appropriate vector boson. 1...
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