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assign14 - What proton energy is required to make the Δ...

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Physics 5110 Homework 14 (due Wed Apr 28 ) April 21, 2010 1. In Williams Fig 10.2 and 11.9a we see a resonant peak due to the Δ baryon. (a) Show that the peaks occur at the same center of mass energy (consistent with the same particle) (b) A high energy proton collides with a 3 o K cosmic microwave photon. Con- sider the head-on collision of the proton with an average such photon.
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Unformatted text preview: What proton energy is required to make the Δ resonance? (This process is thought to impose an upper limit on the energy of cosmic ray protons, neutrons, and nuclei.) 2. Williams 12.18. (Hint: consider a reasonable range of energies, which implies a range of velocities quite close to c .) 1...
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