communicating in close relationships

communicating in close relationships - Communicating in...

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Communicating in close relationships The importance of close relationships: 1. central to psychological and physiological health 2. people are happier and healthier when they have good relationships What are close relationships? 1. Relationships in which people see each other as unique and irreplaceable 2. Communication marked by high disclosure and openness Influences on Relationship Development 1. Proximity 2. Attractiveness (matching hypothesis) 3. Similarity 4. Uncertain reduction theory Models of Relationship Development 1. Stage models- relationships happen in a serious of steps a. Assume events occur in stages b. Knapps’s staircase model c. 5 Stages leading to commitment: i. initiating, ii. experimenting: more personal topics… family… Probing iii. intensifying: holding hands…. iv. Integrating: public acknowledgement v. Bonding: Ceremony d. 5 stages leading to dissolution i. differentiating: pointing out differences ii. circumscribing: iii. Relationship stagnating iv. Avoiding v. terminating 2. Relational Trajectory model a. Assume that dyads follow varied paths to relational development b. Based on social penetration theory
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communicating in close relationships - Communicating in...

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